White water rafting in Wales - White water rafting for thrill-seeking adrenaline junkies in Wales

White Water Rafting in Wales

White water rafting in Wales It's wet - It's wild - It's white water rafting in Wales

One minute you can be enjoying a fairly easy paddle along taking in the beautiful scenery as it unfolds, then the next minute you can be on the edge of your seat battling Grade 4 rapids on some of Wales' most renowned rivers.

Wales is very fortunate in that it has some amazing white water rafting rivers like the Dee, Tryweryn, Wye, and Teifi. Between them, these rivers offer thrill-seekers some of the best white water runs in the UK.

Understanding The White Water Grades

The grades of white water rafting go in scale from Grade 1 up to Grade 6.

Grade 1 - Generally flat water with maybe the odd few small waves.
Grade 2 - You will encounter small to medium sized waves, but with little or no obstruction.
Grade 3 - Plenty of excitement, with lots of waves, rocks and eddies to negotiate.
Grade 4 - More intense version of Grade 3 with longer and much more difficult rapids to surmount.
Grade 5 - Large and long, complex, and violent rapids, which may well involve big drops or steep gradients.
Grade 6 - Simply un-runnable.

White Water Rafting on The River Dee in Llangolen
The River Dee in Llangollen would have to be considered as one of the best rivers in Wales for combining white water rafting with glorious scenery. As you and fellow crew members embark on your white water session you'll encounter calmer stretches of the Dee which allows you to soak up the beautiful surroundings, this then turns into continuous on the edge of your seat rapids which go up to a soaking Grade 4, the most renowned rapids in Llangollen include the Serpents Tail and Town Falls.

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White Water Rafting on The River Tryweryn in Snowdonia
Located close to the Snowdonia town of Bala is the National White Water Centre, here you can enjoy some of the best white water rafting in Wales on the fast-paced and very challenging River Tryweryn. With a dam controlled water flow, the River Tryweryn is able to provide one of the most reliable locations in Wales for this adrenaline-filled wild water ride. Essentially the run is divided in two, the Upper Tryweryn is the most exhilarating, with rapids crashing up to a Grade 4, whilst the Lower Tryweryn is more chilled out with rapids Graded at 2-3.

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White Water Rafting on The River Wye in The Wye Valley
The River Wye is the fifth longest river in the UK, it's a fast flowing river that is dependant on high rainfall for its white water rafting. For the most part its a fairly placid river which allows the crew to enjoy the spectacular scenery, there are, however, sections where the rapids can reach a Grade 4.

Holiday Homes For White Water Rafting on The River Wye Near Hay-on-Wye




White Water Rafting on The River Teifi in West Wales
In terms of white water rafting, the River Teifi has three degrees of grades, these go from a Grade 2 up to a Grade 4. There are three main sections of rapids along the Teifi, this allows you to enjoy the beauty of the river as you take a fairly steady paddle through the Grade 2 section, then the meandering river takes you all down through Grade 3 rapids, then finally, through the hold on to your helmets, Grade 4 rapids.

White Water Rafting on The River Teifi Near Llandysul




White Water Rafting in The City in South Wales
It's purpose-built, it's 250m long, it's got Grade 4 rapids, and it's located at the Cardiff International Sports Village in Cardiff Bay. Cardiff International White Water offers the opportunity for everybody to experience the thrills and spills of white water rafting at its Olympic standard centre, once in the raft, you and your fellow crew members are funneled down a concrete channel at speed past man-made barriers which generates up to Grade 4 rapids. The beauty of this centre is that it's able to control the water flow, allowing for easier graded rapids, this means children as younger as six are able to get a taste of this thrilling activity.

White Water Rafting at Cardiff International White Water in Cardiff




What To Bring on Your Wicked Welsh White Water Rafting Experience

Your commercial activity provider will usually supply a buoyancy aid, wetsuit and water helmet for each crew member.

  • FOR THE RIDE - Your will need to provide your own:-
  •   Swimwear to wear under the provided wetsuit
  •   Pair of old trainers or (if you have them) wetsuit boots
  • AFTER THE RIDE - Your will need:-

  •   A Towel
  •   A full change of warm clothes as well as footwear
  •   A plastic or waterproof bag for all your wet clothing